Sunday, June 10, 2012

Liam's Baptism

A day that he's has been longing for for well over a year.  It is the practice of our church to wait until a child is over the age of 8 and shows are strong interest in being baptized before making this very personal decision.  One of the added perks of being in a very small branch is that everyone that is invited to participate usually are close friends.  This was most certainly the case for Liam.  He was able to invited & have a say in every part of his baptism.  At the top of that list was to have his very best " big" friend to be the one to perform his actually baptism.  Hyrum & Liam just get each other and Hyrum is super excepting of Liam's need to climb all over him....:)

" Mom - I am smiling....this is my happy face !!"

Camp Homewood - May's Adoption Camp

 Building their bottle rockets





Yet another perfect family weekend .....)))