Monday, February 21, 2011

Grouchies be Gone !!!

This morning I woke with a horrible case of the " Grouchies".  Being up and down almost all night with Ana & Liam and my brain being in overdrive made it hard to get much sleep.  Sometimes keeping busy helps my brain work through whatever's I baked....and cleaned...... had some positive phone conversations and formulated my thoughts......let's just say I need to re-establish my boundaries with some people close to all I have to do is write them down !

We've all been pretty internal lately.  Ana's " gremlin's" are started to finally mellow out a bit.  Liam has now moved into learning at home also.  He slept in until almost 10am and Ana was watching " Percy Jackson & the Olympians" (we're currently reading the book). Which left the perfect opportunity for a long un-interupted shower ( a little self care to balance things out).


This week is a busy one....lots of gathering and food sharing.  Tomorrow is " Thinking Day" for the guiding/scout organization.  The girl both will be attending, performing & needing to bring food to the potluck that follows.  On Friday both girls have sleepovers with brownies/guides & need to bring more sharing food.  Anthony will be away this weekend at a Junior Rangers retreat...thankfully everything is provided !  On Saturday we will be joining our new Church community for a potluck & an evening workshop on Emergency Planning.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

a morning of playing....... the snow at Mt. Washington with Denise, Mike & Spencer. 

The snow was crazy high.  Fun to play in but way to much for me to live with day to day !

Thanks for the yummy 2nd breakfast and the endless supply of snow gear.  Next time we'll stay for the day and put on some skies !!!

Nana's 60th & new baby Ava

 This weekend we threw our overnight bags in the van and headed down island to celebrate our amazing Nana Val and to meet new baby Ava.  An afternoon of celebrating was planned at the Kingfisher Resort.  The room was packed full of family & friends who had come from all over the world to visit. The afternoon was full of laughter, guitar playing, dancing, " fancy" food eating, catching up and tonnes of photo taking !! 

( Ava - 3 weeks)

 Happy Birthday Nana !!!