Monday, March 28, 2011

Our last formal " Spring Break"

Saturday :
   - us girls took in the figure skating competition being held in town
   - the boys played & packed

   - a quiet morning
   - baking ( Blackberry Coconut Bars) for our potluck dinner at church)
   - Anthony left for JCR Spring Break Camp in Comox...for the whole week!!!

    -  We traveled down to Courtenay
    -  after checking in we had a quick visit with Denise & Mike while we had a quick lunch
    -  the girls had their 1st swimming lesson for the week
    -  met up with Aunty Vanessa ( who was visiting from Whitehorse) for Dinner

   - met up with Aunty Vanessa for a photo shoot at the Comox Warf & Public library
   - did some grocery shopping
   - had tea with Nana until it was time for the girls swimming lesson.....Liam decide to give Nana a hand delivery her posters
   - had Whitespot burgers for dinner
   - dropped Keisha off for her first ever sleepover church youth group event.
   - We ( Ana, Liam & I ) went to see " Mars needs Mom's" in 3D.  The LOVED it !

    - was a down day for us all......mostly Liam
    - I enjoyed some time to read.....
    - we picked up a super excited/tired Keisha

    - We went to Naniamo...
    - finished off our gift cards from " The Aunties" for Sears
    - grabbed a little lunch at Tim Horton's
    - had a quick visit to Costco & Save on Foods
    - back in time for swimming
    - dinner in our room

    - a quiet morning
    - met up with Lisa & Mia at the Comox library
    - after Liam went to Nana's
    - last swim lesson
    - Dinner with Nana & Grandpa Bill

   - packed up & headed home
   - home for lunch
   - a backyard visit/play at the Neilson's
   - dinner & bed
   - a evening walk for Cori & I...which turned into a super long & late visit :)

   - a wonderful sleep in & late breakfast
   - a lovely walk to church
   - my big boy returns super happy & not as tired as expected
   - a late afternoon walk for Lynne & I
   - everyone tucked in & asleep early !

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Guess who's reading on his own????

That's right it's my boy LIAM !!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good Luck Papa !!!

My Monkey's

Yesterday, Ana & Liam had their last Gymnastics class for this season.  Ana is a natural !  Liam would do better in a class with out any other boys.  His need to be social gets in his way of paying attention.   When he's on task he does really well....the problem is it's really hard for him to stay focus in the early evening with his buddies around.  Ana was really pleased to receive full marks this term and will be moving up a level next Fall.  Liam & I are still discussing whether or not he'll sign up again this Fall.  We may wait another year so he'll be in a different time slot.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our Thursdays.......

( Story time with Ms. Roberta at our local library)

( Liam loves using the computer at the library)

( we check the parcel's today ! )

( It's raining again......this wood REALLY  needs to be stacked ! )

( My favorite rainy day lunch - Tomato soup & grilled cheese )

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Camp Homewood Mar.'11 - Video's

( Keisha - her 3rd time riding ever ! )

( Ed & his boys singing & drumming, Janice leading the group dance)

( Ana performing her own song at the " just for fun" talent show)

( Liam organized his own band for a jam session)

( Keisha performing " Under the Sea" )

Monday, March 7, 2011

Adoption Camp - Camp Homewood - Aboriginal Retreat

Well...that was a really enjoyable weekend !!  We just finish attending our first family camp with the " Adoptive Families association of B.C."  We enjoyed ourselves so much that I've already submitted our deposit for the next one.

Stay tuned for more of my amature videos....