Saturday, September 26, 2009

Family movie night

The Chronicles of Narnia was last nights movie of choice. We all hunkered down with our pillows, blankets and huge bowls of popcorn. We almost made it through the whole movie without any "shhhhing or sit down Liam's". I love that we have these shared activities!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009's reminders

This past week as been incredibly positive. The kids have all adjusted to being back at school really well. We met our new pediatrician. He's great! The perfect amount of professional and human. We are actually having Fall here, my favorite season of all.

This past year has diffently had it's lows. You know how you logically know something and think you know how you would deal with a situation if it were to happen? I thought I knew....I was so unprepared. I was rocked beyond belief. I'm happy to report that I'm back.

I'm so thankful for all of you. My friends & my family. You stood up for us, you listened, you allowed me to cry & vent, you consoled my children & reminded us everyday that we weren't alone. Your willingness to disrupt your everyday lives to support us was not lost on us. Saying "Thank you" doesn't quite seem enough but it's all I have.

So...from the bottom of my soul I say Thank you to each and everyone one of you.

We love you !!

Friday, September 11, 2009

He's so " BIG " !!

There he is off to school with his big sisters !!!

Sometimes I feel like his first 5 years ( well the 4 yrs & 41/2 months we been together ) have just whirled by. I'm some what amazed that it's already time for him to start " big kid" school. I've been haunted by the feeling that some how in the whirlwind of life I've dropped the "creating memories" ball with my youngest boy. Or maybe it's just that he's the fourth!! For more than half of his life he's been right smack dab in the middle. Not one of the oldest or the baby ! There's no logic behind this crazy feelings...we have hundreds of photo's of our shared experiences as proof. While going down memory lane I thought I'd share some with you's my sweet baby seems so long ago....

For the most part he's this well adjusted happy kind of guy. He's totally ready & confident to start this new adventure...It's me that happy that he doesn't start on the same day as his sibs. One more "just us days".

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trooper !!!!

Oh man....not the start of school any of us expected. I woke to Anthony saying" Mom,Mom I have lots of spots on me!!" I promptly followed him to the washroom to have a look. Well he sure did have spots. At first glance they looked like really small chicken pox. Initially I was REALLY hoping that it wasn't the measles. After a less than conclusive conversation with not one but two doctors it was diagnosed as possibly some kind of strange version of the chicken pox. So that meant Anthony was to be in hiding for who knows how long.......

( Loading up on the calamine lotion )

( Boredom is starting to settle in...)

So he played, bathed in baking soda and watched a months worth of T.V. Here we are 4 days late and ALL the spot have just vanished as quickly as they arrived. He never developed a fever, any cold like symptoms, the spots never popped and were barely even itchy!!! Strange I say, just strange

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer's over

This summer has been full of big mile stones around here. A new level of independence as been reached for Anthony, Ana and especially Keisha. Yesterday was the last public swim at our small outdoor pool. The pool like almost everything else in our little town is just blocks from our home. The " bigs" have mastered going to the pool without " Mom". They walk there & back, pay for themselves, swim independently, and have developed a great sense of unity. There hasn't been even one incident or reason for the lifeguards to call home ( much to Ana's surprise they did have our # thanks to Mom !!)
Liam's growing up so fast, not fast enough if you asked him ! ( He strongly disagrees with the pool having an age limit. ). He's getting better with his bike, we should be taking the training wheels off next spring. Despite the age limit thing he's actually becoming an excellent swimmer. It's hard to believe he's starting school in just 5 days !!
The weather man was actually right. It's dark and rainy....the perfect kind of day to rest so that the cold that's brewing around here goes AWAY !! We will sleep, watch the telly, most likely do some baking/cooking, and finally last but not least I'm going to get going on some really fun projects for my " everything made from my heart Christmas" plan.

Excitement !!!

The back to school anticipation is starting to build. We had some nice light yesterday and had an impromtu photo shoot. The kids were excited to show off some of the MANY outfits from Grandma Chris that arrived last week. Thanks again Mom !! Here is a favorite of each of them.

( Anthony 11yrs 9 months )

( Keisha 11yrs 9 months )

( Liam 5 yrs 4 months )

( Ana Rose 7 yrs 7 months )

Not bad for my little point and shoot. With each shot my longing for my new dream Dslr is growing.....just a couple more months....just a couple more months !!

Savoring the mellow days....

.....woke to laughter from Ana & Liam's room and the comforting smell of rain. Maybe it's a coastal " thing" but there's something so refreshing about it. I slowly made my way to the kitchen ( without being tackled be Starving children ) to start making breaky...blueberry pancakes. A meal that's usually saved until the weekend because of the time it takes to make two different batches ( Whole wheat & Gluten free).
It feels like a Sunday....pancakes, movies, long hot showers and absolutely no schedule !! Here's to staying in our jammies all day....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Something New

Welcome to my new endeavor.

I've decided it was time to try something new. I'm looking forward to having a venue to share my photography, knowledge, stories and reflections to those I hold close. Here's to new endeavors !!