Saturday, October 31, 2009

Witches & Monsters Oh! My....

We had a busy day being silly yesterday. Most of the kids & staff dressed up (even I pulled out my cat costume & painted on the whiskers). The grade 4/5 class made a haunted house which was great scary fun for everyone brave enough to enter. Ana & Liam couldn't help but go several times. The grade 4/5 had also been baking up a storm with me earlier in the week. They made enough carrot, pineapple cupcakes topped with cream cheese icing for the whole school. We enjoyed our treat and danced together for the rest of the lunch hour. Sometimes you just have to embrace the silliness of childhood !!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Time.... time...grandma time...pumpkin time...the best time !!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My big boy..... growing into the best kind of person. One who cares deeply. Who's fiercely loyal to those he holds close. Always sees the best in people. Likes helping out & doing good. He thinks of his neighbors and does his best to consider others feelings.

I'm reminded daily how much I really like my kid! Yesterday the kids had their first big Scouts/guides/brownie/beavers activity. A huge whole town bottle drive. We all headed out at 10am on our assigned routes. It was so cool to watch Anthony at work. Knocking on doors, giving their speel, remembering to always be polite & respectful (even when others aren't), being a leader and working hard without even one complaint. After we filled the van twice it was time to help with the sorting.

My big boy sorted returnables for almost 4 hours. I think almost every adult involved came to me with compliments " Tony is such a great worker and so polite!!" " He's such a great addition to the group !!"

I'm so proud to be his mom !!!!