Monday, May 30, 2011

Adoption Camp - Camp Homewood

We just got back from our second weekend at Camp Homewood so far this year.  This weekends group was made up of 7 families.  The weather was great and the kids did super well !!

( Putting together their pop bottle rockets)

 ( Rivelry)

 ( Treasure hunt using compasses )

 ( Sailing )

 ( Heading out to Outdoor Living )

 ( fire building )

 ( Ms. Vicki spent hours painting the kids up....She did amazing !!)

 ( launching their pop bottle rockets....this was crazy fun !!!)

 ( Playing games )

( Anthony holding a hermit crab at Rebecca Spit )

These weekends are so good for us.  We get to be " Normal" for awhile.  The whole weekend is about spending time with " like" families doing really cool activities.  This time around we had very little " Gremlin" episodes.  I get to chat, laugh & share with the most amazingly diverse group of parents.  Single parents, couples, large families & small, veterans & newbies ! We all slept well, made new friendships and are already talking about the next camp ! 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're nearing the end.......

 ....of what seems like the busiest month so far !  One more weekend left and it's jammed packed....we're heading back to Camp Homewood for our 2nd adoption camp.  This week we:

(  started planting our veggies & weed wacked the yard )

( We caught up on the laundry in between trips to the library, Guides, Homeschooling group, story time, church etc)

( drudged throw the rain to collect returnables for Guides/Brownies)

I keep telling myself just one more weekend....we're tired...good tired...but tired !  I'm looking forward to a few days free of cooking & cleaning.  We have so much fun at Camp Homewood that's it's worth it.  June's looking to be much calmer....I guess only time will tell....

Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring Camping - part 4

Our third day was sprinkled on & off most of the day.  We started our day at the " Farmer's Market".

We spent the afternoon lunching at Nana & Grandpa's, hanging at the library ( we love the Comox branch) and then it was on to the Wave pool for a little energy burn......

We ended the day with a camp fire and some toasted marshmellow's .  We got tucked in just as the rain started.  I didn't think much of it until I was woken by a little panic voice....." Mom, I'm all wet !!"  Well after close inspection in the morning it was apparent it was time to bid farewell to our good old friend.

After packing up we decided a hot breakfast out was in order and headed off to " Ricky's".  The kids finished stuffing themselves just in time for us to meet up with Jim, Joy, Hailey & sweet baby James to say our goodbyes.  Well that is until September !!!

Spring Camping - part 3

 Our third day in went at a gloriously slow pace........

 ( My late riser)

 ( Lego, Lego, Lego & more Lego )

 ( Keisha is currently in Love with everything & anything " Wolf" related )

 ( Ana spent the morning investigating the "insides" of the local rocks)

( Nana joined us for hotdogs on the fire and a couple of hours visiting on the beach)

We spent our evening with Hailey and James at the cottage.  Jim & Joy went out for a " date night" and I got to soak up several more precious Aunty hours. We played chase.....which is James's favorite game, watch a couple of Dvd's and chatted and snuggled....What could be any better?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Camping - part 2

This was to be our first of two beach days.  We headed off to Kia Bay for the afternoon.  It was so beautiful and so much fun !

 ( Aunty and a sleepy James)

 ( James and his Anthony....)

 ( There were purple star fish all over the beach this day !)

 ( Liam was finding all kinds of critters...this is a sun fish)

What a splendid way to spend an afternoon......Our day wasn't done yet......We made our way back to Jim & Joy's cottage for dinner, more playing and some marshmellow toasting !!

 ( The boys playing lego )

 ( Corn on the cob & Ketchup !!! )

 ( James is just crazy over corn...he ate 2 whole cobs then help Anthony finish off his....)

 ( Who's kids are these?)

 ( Making sure they're just right....)

 ( Sticky Aunty.....STICKY AUNTY !!)

 ( a little rock throwing to end the evening)

( James & Keisha playin in the water)