Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spring Camping - part 1

 We headed down to Courtenay on Wednesday for a few days of camping and visiting.  Jim, Joy, Hailey & James had come to the island for a holiday week at a lovely little cottage on the ocean. Nana & Grandpa were back from Aunty Fran & Bruno's wedding in Italy and the weather forecast was to be sunny & warm !

( a shot of our dear old friend....if this tent could talk ......the stories/memories it would share)

( The campgrounds in right by the ocean and surrounded by heritage apple trees - photo taken by Ana )

( Ana was having fun with the's nice having help with the picture taking)

 ( Liam went straight to building....)

 ( Our outdoor kitchen)

 ( This is the caretakers cottage....I Love how they've restored's given me some ideas for our little house !)

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