Saturday, May 14, 2011


L -"Mom, I would like to have french toast, sausages, a fancy drink, syrup, hashbrowns, eggs, and a chocolate cake has big as my head for my birthday dinner, OKAY !"

M - " Okay, Love"

L - " And Mom I would like to invite the Neislon's & Dominque's family & Ms. Sheila & The sister's....and I want to have a chocolate cake, okay Mom ! "

M - "Okay Love, I'll give them a call...."

L - " Oh ! Mom and you remember I like balloons right? "

M - " Yes Love, I'm sure we can do that too ! "

We had a lovely evening with dear friends, lots of his favorite breakfast foods ( French toast, whipped cream, syrup, strawberries, cantaloupe, sausages, Sprite, berry crisp and one massive chocolate marble cake).  We sang " Happy Birthday" to him seven time in various languages, relighting the candle each time as requested !

Happy 7th Birthday my sweet boy !!!

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