Friday, May 6, 2011

What a week.....

Monday afternoon was the auditions for this years Missoula theater".  This year I was able to encourage all four to give it a try.  Being on stage is so not Anthony's first choice !  He was so thankful to be given one of the assistant directors spots( he's also the sound guy).  This years story is " Treasure Island".  Ana is playing one of the villagers ( this is her 3rd year).  I wasn't sure how things would go for Keish & Liam.  I figured if Liam hung through to the end of the audition he would get one of the cute little kids roles ( this year they are seagulls).  He did amazing, so amazing he was given two parts - a seagull & the pirate's parrot !  Keisha was the wild card.  It's hit or miss whether she'd participate or just freeze.  Then if she participate what role would they give her?  Well, she did it.  She is the pirate " Captain Patches".  Which turns out to be a great role for her.  The captain doesn't really have any lines because he's a clown.  He uses a horn and some animated body language to communicate - which is perfect for her !

( Liam running his lines with one of the fantastic Missoula ladies )

Each day this week we've had rehearsals from 3:30pm to 7:45pm which is a HUGE sift in our normal schedule.  They're a little tired but other than that they are doing so well.  I've been staying for the half of the rehearsals that Liam is attending and am supper impressed with how well they are doing with minding, staying on task, remembering their lines & ques.  I'm absolutely certain that if Ana & Liam were still under the stress of being in the public school system it wouldn't being going this good.  Tomorrows the big day.....dress rehearsal and two shows at 3pm & 7pm.  This year I've decide to purchase the dvd since all four are in it.

During the day we've keeping things as low key has possible.  Today we planted our seeds.....scarlet runner beans, green & yellow bush beans, rainbow chard, chives, parsley, rutabaga, and 5 different types of flowers.  Here's hoping they sprout !

The rest of the weeks has been spent doing the normal chores, helping and visiting with friends, working in our books and being creative....

We've also made a couple of trips to the library to pick up several bags of books & dvd's we had been waiting on.  Ana & I are onto the 3rd book in the series of " Percy Jackson and the Olympians" this week.  Liam has decided that we need to read the entire series of " Just me...." by Mercer Meyer.  He borrowed every single one they had on the shelf....16 to be exact.

So excited about tomorrow......Penny's being super generous in sharing her " big/real" camera for me to use during the dress rehearsal ( this way I can get up on chairs & such without bother anyone) YAH for Penny !!

I'll try and post pics on Sunday....

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