Monday, May 30, 2011

Adoption Camp - Camp Homewood

We just got back from our second weekend at Camp Homewood so far this year.  This weekends group was made up of 7 families.  The weather was great and the kids did super well !!

( Putting together their pop bottle rockets)

 ( Rivelry)

 ( Treasure hunt using compasses )

 ( Sailing )

 ( Heading out to Outdoor Living )

 ( fire building )

 ( Ms. Vicki spent hours painting the kids up....She did amazing !!)

 ( launching their pop bottle rockets....this was crazy fun !!!)

 ( Playing games )

( Anthony holding a hermit crab at Rebecca Spit )

These weekends are so good for us.  We get to be " Normal" for awhile.  The whole weekend is about spending time with " like" families doing really cool activities.  This time around we had very little " Gremlin" episodes.  I get to chat, laugh & share with the most amazingly diverse group of parents.  Single parents, couples, large families & small, veterans & newbies ! We all slept well, made new friendships and are already talking about the next camp ! 

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