Monday, May 2, 2011

Highlights from a busy wknd

We started our weekend on Friday baking........banana bread, chocolate zhuccini bread, oatmeal raisin cookies, blueberry muffins, turkey vegetable soup & wholewheat biscuits.

Some for our Relief Society session that evening( I was asked to lead a conversation on budgeting), some for our adoption potluck the next day, some for the immediate consumption and surprisingly some made it into the freezer for this weeks lunch/snacks.

Saturday morning we loaded up and headed down island to attend an annual potluck for families created by adoption.  Our hosts are the amazing crew from 14 children & holding.  We had a lovely time and so looking forward to all the camps & gatherings planned for the rest of 2011.

While we were down island we checked out a couple of shops that tend to have some super budget friendly deals.  The key is to be patient & diligent.  We hit the jack pot in our effort for low cost/good quality bread.  40 loaves for just $1.20 each. Now who doesn't like that ! We also stopped by my fav. dollar store in Campbell River.  A few months ago while down I had picked up a couple detailed coloring activity books that I was hoping would work for everyone( coloring is a fun positive way to do therapy).  They were such a hit I was eager to pick up more if possible.  To my delight they did still have them.  Even better, they now had three new versions and at only $1.50 each I'm now kicking myself for not picking up more.  Here's hoping they'll still be there when were back down in a few weeks.....

 Hold aren't done yet !  For the same price as lunch out....I was able to treat myself to two beautiful trays of starter plants, two new tropical plants for the house, a new plant pot and some bamboo garden polls for my beans. YAY !!

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