Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're nearing the end.......

 ....of what seems like the busiest month so far !  One more weekend left and it's jammed packed....we're heading back to Camp Homewood for our 2nd adoption camp.  This week we:

(  started planting our veggies & weed wacked the yard )

( We caught up on the laundry in between trips to the library, Guides, Homeschooling group, story time, church etc)

( drudged throw the rain to collect returnables for Guides/Brownies)

I keep telling myself just one more weekend....we're tired...good tired...but tired !  I'm looking forward to a few days free of cooking & cleaning.  We have so much fun at Camp Homewood that's it's worth it.  June's looking to be much calmer....I guess only time will tell....

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