Friday, July 6, 2012

The Royal Tyrrell Dinosaur Museum

Hello from Calgary !  I know things have been quiet here on my little old blog.  We've off enjoying life.  Currently, we're on an extended visit with my youngest sister & her family.  This past Monday was a holiday so that meant Cheryl & Josh both didn't need to go to work !  We decided to make the hour & half trip out to Drumheller to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum.  We love this place !

 ( Uncle Josh & Anthony have another thing in common...their both 5'8" currently....:))

 After touring around the museum for a second time we loaded up and headed off to play in the water !  The kids LOVE this fountain & water park located near the Drumheller info center.  Uncle Josh also was cool enough to treat them to climbing the world largest T-Rex !!  He's much cooler than this old boring frugal Momma....:))

( I LOVE that's she's just barely one and already has these guys wrapped around her beautiful chubby little fingers...)

 ( This was the best out of the 11 shots I took....almost everyone's looking at the camera ! )