Monday, May 31, 2010

Boys redo part 2 / Port McNeill, B.C.

....well the boys room is slowly coming along.  On our last trip down island I was able to pick up the new dresser I had ordered.  We have also organized everything completely.  My big boy Anthony doesn't really see the point !  However, because he truly wants to please his Momma he went along with my plan.

We are still planning on painting the walls, door & trim.  While Papa was here, he started on the floor molding.  I'm hoping to finish it up.  Papa decided he could leave his prized miter saw, compressor & nailer with his " favorite oldest daughter".  Ha ha that has always cracked me up....he thinks he's so cleaver.....I Love him sooo.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Real Food for my Babes.....

I love being able to prepare real healthy food for my family.  It's important to me that their bodies get the absolute best foods I can provide.  We do our best not to eat commercial food additives/colors & preservatives.  There is absolutely no reason why manufacturers need to continue to add red food coloring to raspberry jam or tomato soup.  Bread should not still be all soft & mold free 2 weeks later !

 This afternoon I made these freezer friendly recipes...not that much will actually make it there !

Mixed Berry Crisp ( made with honey, whole oats & flax seeds),  Whole grain Banana Breads & muffins & Chewy Ginger Cookies.

Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain go away
Please come back another day !!!
I would so like to play......

Friday, May 28, 2010

Cheslakees Elem. / Ready, Set, Learn / Port McNeill, B.C.

This morning I participated in our school's " Ready, Set, Learn " event for the first time.  I was asked to make something with 4 small groups of preschoolers. We would only have 20 minutes.  It was important to me that it was a recipe that would allow the " littles" to be totally hands on.  So we made a simple kids friendly berry crisp. 

Well I think it all went VERY well.  Especially, since we had a way larger turn out than expected.  My little 4-5 kids per group morfed into 8- 10 per group.  The kids & parents all seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Circus " Fun"? Port McNeill B.C.

So....last night we along with several friends went to the circus.  Let me just start by saying that I knew that the potential for sensory overload was HIGH.  And follow that up by saying I'm SOOOO thankful for friends who get it or at least don't jump straight to judgement!!  We ate, we laughed, they begged, I said " no" alot, we ate some more, we clapped & cheered, some of us melted down, we made attempts to redirect, I liked the clown " Leo", we clapped some more, we LOVED the dogs, and finally we cried when it was time to go.....they all said " Thanks MOM" when I finally tucked them into their beds at after 10pm........the glass is always best when it's half full, right !!!

Cheslakees Elem. / Planting Seeds

This past week we ( meaning me & the grade 1/2's) were planting seeds in their class.  I love how keen they were.  They're excited to see what happens.  Here's hoping that they grow......sometimes you can " love" something to MUCH ! HaHaHa.

Thanks Debbie for getting some shot of me in action !!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jump Rope for Heart / Port McNeill B.C./ Cheslakeese Elem.

This post is a couple week late.....however I'm still feeling the urge to document it.  For this years Jump Rope for Heart our little school held a whole school jumpathon.  We lucked out with glorious weather !

All the kids really got into it and raise a couple hundred dollars for a good cause.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The girls rooms - reno part 1

         Papa Tom (my dad), Grandma Heather, Aunty Cheryl & cousin Jared came to stay with us for the past 5 days.  Papa was eager to help us with some of the many " House Projects".  At the top of the list was to remove the disgusting carpet from one of the girls rooms.  Papa came prepared to cut and install new floor molding.  Once the rooms were stripped down, We decided to take advantage and patch and paint the walls & trim.

( Papa removing the carpet )

( Liam helping remove the hundreds of staples & nails from the floor )

 ( Ana's new room)

 ( Ana's moved in...)

( Keisha's room still needs organizing....but it's coming along)

 ( Papa getting ready to replace that sad, ugly broken light fixture....)

 ( He's such a great Dad !!!)
( I'm really's so nice to finally have quality lighting !)

It wasn't all work & no play.....we found lots of time to just be with each other !

( Jared & the boys enjoyed "diggin" in the empty garden beds)

( Jared & Keish share a passion for making puzzles)

 ( Teaching each other)

( watching almost the whole " Harry Potter" series together, Papa & Grandma were watching them for the first time and were totally hooked)

( blanket forts are so much matter your age )

( We spent lots of time cooking with each other.....Keisha's our salad pro ! )

It was a great visit.  I wish the weather had cooperated for us to spend more time outside.  It's amazing how many project we were able to get through.  It's would have taken me so much more time to get through them on my own.  It was also cool to watch the cousins hang with each other.  We're looking forward to visiting both of my sister's and their families this summer.  Thanks again for everything !! Love you !!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My beauty !

A new hair-doo for my Keish !

Our version of a secret garden.....'s a secret......

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Comox Spit

      After visiting the dentist we decided to go and play at one of our favorite places.  I have been visiting the Comox Spit since my late teens.  The spit has been each of the kids first " beach" experience.  This was Piper's first visit.  She played her little heart out.  Nana decided to take a break from her "To do list" and came down to visit.  I enjoy being able to give my kids the opportunity to spred out and muck around to there little hearts desired.

A truly special place for my clan !!!