Friday, May 21, 2010

The girls rooms - reno part 1

         Papa Tom (my dad), Grandma Heather, Aunty Cheryl & cousin Jared came to stay with us for the past 5 days.  Papa was eager to help us with some of the many " House Projects".  At the top of the list was to remove the disgusting carpet from one of the girls rooms.  Papa came prepared to cut and install new floor molding.  Once the rooms were stripped down, We decided to take advantage and patch and paint the walls & trim.

( Papa removing the carpet )

( Liam helping remove the hundreds of staples & nails from the floor )

 ( Ana's new room)

 ( Ana's moved in...)

( Keisha's room still needs organizing....but it's coming along)

 ( Papa getting ready to replace that sad, ugly broken light fixture....)

 ( He's such a great Dad !!!)
( I'm really's so nice to finally have quality lighting !)

It wasn't all work & no play.....we found lots of time to just be with each other !

( Jared & the boys enjoyed "diggin" in the empty garden beds)

( Jared & Keish share a passion for making puzzles)

 ( Teaching each other)

( watching almost the whole " Harry Potter" series together, Papa & Grandma were watching them for the first time and were totally hooked)

( blanket forts are so much matter your age )

( We spent lots of time cooking with each other.....Keisha's our salad pro ! )

It was a great visit.  I wish the weather had cooperated for us to spend more time outside.  It's amazing how many project we were able to get through.  It's would have taken me so much more time to get through them on my own.  It was also cool to watch the cousins hang with each other.  We're looking forward to visiting both of my sister's and their families this summer.  Thanks again for everything !! Love you !!

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