Thursday, May 6, 2010

Missoula Children's Threatre - Port McNeill, B.C.

 Shortly after we moved to Pt. McNeill we were introduced to " Missoula Children's Theatre".  They are a traveling theatre company that visits the north island once or twice a year.  Ana decided she really want to try out & was excepted.  She was cast as a singing camelion in " Robertson's Curoeso".  She had a wonderful time.  I was amazed how these two 20 something leaders could organize all these children to produce a fabulous show start to finish in 6 days !!

  This years production is "  Pinocchio ".  Ana along with several of her friends auditioned.  She, Charlotte & Bethany were cast as " Pleasure isle kids".  (These are the kids that lure Pinocchio to the fair)  They have been rehearsing every afternoon this week.  They will be rehearse for another four hours tomorrow then it's show day !!

Here are a few shots of the kids auditioning. ( Ana is the third one from the end, wearing the striped shirt)

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