Sunday, May 16, 2010

To do list.....

On this trip down island visiting the pro's was a high priority.  On the Wednesday we checked in with our dentist.  Everything went VERY smoothly.  This was Liam's first visit as a " big kid".  He sat on his own & was cool with having the whole treatment.  We will be back at the end of June for some followup work.  Let hope everything goes as smoothly as this trip.

The second visit on our " To do list" was to have everyone's " eye bulbs" as Liam calls them inspected......The boys both have perfect vision.  Keisha is going to be getting her first pair of glasses.  She is " far sighted".  Ana's eyes are doing well, however she as been instructed to wear sunglasses regularly.  I will be getting a new pair of glasses finally.  The doc would really like me to consider wearing contacts.  He believes it would be a better way to treat my vision issues.....I'm just to sqeemish !!!

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