Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Such funny things at times.  Sometimes they just coming rolling crashing out of me with perfect flow and inspiration.....others time I can't for the life of me even come close to expressing myself.  I've been quiet here....not because I have nothing note worthy or to share.  I started on this blogging adventure as a bit of a personal challenge at a time that I was struggling to regain my footing.  I wanted to push myself to improve my ability to express myself in written form.......And I wanted to have a way to share with my " people".......to leave an honest account of myself for my children and grandchildren.......I'm so hopeful :)

Well, I've haven't been true to my plan.  I've been keeping a whole lovely part of my life away from here.  Not because of any grand secretive plan or such nonsense.......just because I was enjoying the experience and letting it unfold :)  For most of my life I've just known with confidence that everything happens for a reason......whether we understand it at the time or not.  I think my heart knew I was ready to lets someone new in.  My over protective analytical hyper-vigilant mind on the other hand was just so certain that there wasn't anyone out there in this vast world of ours that could be trusted with my heart again on any deep level. That I should just be content with the great collection of established friendship.  I'm a very odd human.....so says I !  I'm generally very okay with this fact.  I actually celebrate it for the most part.  But, honestly they were those moments when I longed for that special person that just got me...all the many complicated layers of me.  I knew that if it was at all possible that they would have to be a equally " odd" as I.  What was the likely hood of that ?  Then one day after several friendly conversations my heart whispered " I think you can trust him...don't go all crazy....just open up a little and see what happens...."  and so I did that day and everyday since.  Life is so funny !  I was in need of a reminder that really in the grand scheme of things we all need to just let go and let it unfold.  Who'd have thunk that that special person was so close after all.  

Now don't go getting all traditional on me.  Remember the " odd " factor hasn't gone anywhere.  This new wonderful friendship is just as equally unique as the two people in it.  I just wanted to share how genuinely happy I am.  How thankful it all make me feel and to give a little reminder that it's all okay.  If you're open to it you never just know what life has planned for you next.  It's full of all kinds of unexpected surprises !!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Adoption Camp

We've just returned from yet another adoption camp at Camp Homewood on Quadra Island.  If you've been reading along for awhile you'll know that we attend several times per year......3 to 4 on average.  We just LOVE it and all the amazing families that we attend with.  This time was no exception !!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Calgary Christmas

 ( Apple Crisp making with Aunty )

 ( Wrestling " girlie" style )
 ( Love )

 ( Rice Krispies pot )

 ( playing cards with Aunty )

 ( Mom and Dad )

 ( Cheryl, Josh, Jared and Isabelle )

 ( My beautiful niece Isabelle ( 17 months )

 ( Almost all the grandbabies........)

 ( These two are the best of friends.......my big boy is so great with his baby cousins )

 ( Papa Tom and some of his " girls" )

( Grandma Heather and her oldest, biggest grandson )

A wonderful Family Christmas :)))

Homelearners Group - Christmas Crafts