Saturday, June 4, 2011


has started off so nicely.......yesterday we attended a celebration in Alert Bay being held by the students at the local cultural program.  It was very enjoyable...I wish we could have stayed longer !!

( The big house )

( the tallest totem pole in the world)

( heading up the dock.....)

( traveling across to Alert Bay on the NIAAD Explorer)

(Swimming on his own....being 7 is sooo great !!!)

( gardening, gardening, gardening.......:)

This morning we enjoyed a late breakfast and then took our time for the rest of the day.  We visited with friends, worked in the garden, pretended we were " fossil finders", baked a super large carrot cake for tomorrows potluck, the boys had a water battle, sold some girl guide cookies, enjoyed a summer dinner and a family movie & some snacks.

( our new fence....)


  1. Looks like a great day out! You take lovely photos :)