Thursday, June 16, 2011

a change of diet.....

For a while now I've been mulling over the idea that Ana & I might be sensitive to gluten or wheat.  We have a lot of similarities for two people not genetically related.  We both have sensitive nervous system( I however manage to keep my raging to a minimum) & dairy.  For 9 years I cooked gluten free for K & A, for some reason it never crossed my mind that maybe we should all be eating that way.  I ran the idea past her a few days ago & gave her some articles to read.  I explained that many children like her have had huge success in being able to regulate and control their rages after changing to a gluten free/dairy free diet.  As of today she has agreed to give it a try. I have asked her to commit to a least 6 months, after a few questions she agreed to that also. In a effort to keeps thing positive we went searching for some new recipes.  I pulled out all my GF cook books and paroused some blogs.  We made these this morning......they were a big hit except for the fact that I'll need to multiply the recipe by 6 to feed my brood !!!

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  1. The waffles look delicious! Good luck with this! ~Kari