Monday, June 13, 2011


Eight days ago .....we were baptized and officially became members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

I went into 2011 with a strong sense that this year would bring peace and maybe that last bit of healing we had all been working for.  I had no idea how or in what form this would happen I just knew.....  Shortly into January we were invited to attend church with dear friends of ours.  Oh. Let's back up a bit !  

For sometime now the girls had been requesting we attend church.  You may remember this post?  Anthony however was most certainly not interested ( let's just say I have reason to think this is trauma based).  We attended services at a couple of our local churches but nothing fit.  Anthony joined us out of respect for his sisters however, he was more than a little uncomfortable.   Which left me in a difficult situation.  I was raised and baptized as a infant in the Catholic church until I made the choice to stop attending at around 12 or so.  I wasn't comfortable with what was going on around me and my father honored my decision.  Over the years I attended service at various denominations but never found the right place for myself.  As I entered into parenting I kind of just gave up.  I tried to live my life in a way that honored my strong belief in a higher power....or so I thought at the time !  For some crazy reason I thought I could raise my children who pretty much see the world as " black & white" in " grey" when it came to religion.  Well really let's be honest I was living in " grey" myself.  So back to January......Anthony was invited to attend church by his friend " A" the youngest child of my dear friend.  He came home really excited to attend and hoped I'd allow him to go.  Of course I said yes and off he went the next Sunday.  The girls were terribly disappointed that just Anthony was going this time.  He arrived home that afternoon just beaming.  I asked him if he'd like to continue attending and how he would feel if we attended as a family....he was more than okay with that !  So off we went and haven't looked back.

When I started on this journey it was for my " girls", then it was for my " children" and along the way I realized it was for me too.  However, it's more than that !  I realized I have more baggage from my religious upbring than I thought.  Baggage is like that it tends to trip you up when you least expect it !  Here's the deal...My Dad did his very best.  He was raised Catholic and he passed on what he knew.  He could have " forced " me to continue attending but he did not.  He had always encouraged my sister & I to look outside of ourselves and to see and honor the ways of others.  To be respectful, caring and of " use" to our community and to think for ourselves...sometimes I wonder if he ever regretted it !! Hehe.

On June 5th we as a family were baptized ( Liam received a blessing & will be baptized after he turns 8).  It's amazing how making the right choice can feel so freeing and grounding at the same time !!

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