Sunday, December 20, 2009

in search.....

For sometime now the girls having been asking about " Gods" and their importance.

I was raised in the Catholic Church as a child. However I was blessed with a father who was very open minded and inclusive. As a child I was encouraged to take part in our friends & neighbors religious ceremonies. Something I cherish now as an adult & mother.

I have struggled with how to provide the answers and opportunites for my children. There are so many things that factor in:

How do I balance their desire for knowledge and be respectful to Keisha & Anthony's anciestry?

How do I protect my children from being taught to think badly of people for are "not straight" ?

How do I protect my children's open minds and hearts?

Today we attended mass at our local Utherian/Anglican Church. I have heard that they are quite open minded and tolerant. There are a couple of families that we know that attend. It is a small perish. They offer what appears to be an acceptable Sunday school program. I guess only time will tell.

I have been very honest with the members I know. About my concerns and desires.

Today we were welcomed graciously...the kids enjoyed going....and I let my guard down just a little.....

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