Monday, December 14, 2009

Dear Santa

As a mom I've made the choice to play down the whole " Santa" thing. We visit Santa only if they ask. I never hold the "naughty or nice list" over their heads. We have very few decorations with his likeness on them. I would rather focus on the " Family" aspect of the Christmas season.

Writing to Santa is a very rare accurance in our house. It's usually brought on by an outside influence. This is Liam's first time. He came home the other day absolutely certain that he just had to do this or he'd have no presents to open come Christmas morning. My attempts to reassure him that that would not be the case fell on def ears.

Some times as a mom you just have to roll with the mood/obsession of the moment. So...this year my little boy chose to " Write a letter to Santa just in case"

..........11 days to go

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