Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just another ordinary day......

Well so I thought. Our day started as expected, dressed, breaky, kids to school, me off to the school kitchen to prep classes and then off to run some quick errands on my own. Just an ordinary day....until....

Liam realized he has his first loose tooth !

Our little school was having it's Christmas potluck and I was helping with the prep during the afternoon. Liam went off to hang with the grade 1/2's as he often does when I'm teaching. This time he was given his own desk & his own printing book so that he could work along. He was delighted. While setting up the gym Liam had the good fortune to be the only little boy around...so he was able to keep all the long cardboard tubes....some taller than himself !!! If you have a little boy I'm sure you understand how thrilling this is. We headed home to get changed. My boy is the kind of person who has strong ideas about how thing are supposed to go. So the fact that all his desired dressed clothes were clean & fit just added to the bounce in his step that had started earlier on. So off we went for our first Cheslakees Potluck Dinner.......

There was 4 banquet tables loaded with amazing food. To top it all off there was also 2 large tables loaded down with desserts !!!
Liam and Ms. Janveau sharing a story.

Several of the older kids performed a few musical numbers, which was followed by a very enthusiastic sing along. And then it happened.....

My little boy decided he wasn't to shy after all. He went over to Mr. Burroughs ( our principle) & asked for the microphone.....and was told "sure". He climbed up onto his chair and started to SING "Rudolph the red nose reindeer". Here's the wonderful part....170 people stopped their conversations and gave my sweet boy their absolute full attention. As he ended with " and he went down in HISTORY..." he bowed and they stood up and clapped and hooted and hollered showering his with love. He smiled and said " Thank you" and stood there smiling at me.

Most certainly not an ordinary day !!!

........10 days to go!!

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  1. Oh seriously...that has got to be the cutest story in the world. Sounds like Liam had the best day. Ever. I miss you guys!! (mama, give those kidlets a big squeeze each from Auntie!!) Love ya :)