Thursday, December 3, 2009

Celebrating 12

This past weekend we traveled down island to celebrate Keisha & Anthony's 12 birthday. When we were planning this trip the kids had one first priority visit with Nana Val! They had many other minor request. We were able to sneak in a couple. We started our visiting at the Annual Santa Clause Parade.

The parade was really nice. The weather co-operated and the kids did really well with all the excitement & crowds. After the parade I made a pit stop at " Edible Island" for the supplies for a very special treat in our house....$22.00 worth of dye/gluten/dairy free candy !!!

We powered up with some home made soup at Nana's and then headed off to the pool. After 2 hrs of playing & racing with Grandpa on the water slides it was back to Nana's for B-Day dinner !!!

....and what would a celebration be without homemade gluten free pie from Nana !!!

We spent the night at our favorite motel Saturday night. After a good nights sleep. Some breakfast and a stroll through Superstore we headed over to the Lewis Center. The Adoption Association of B.C. was having it's local Christmas party for adopted families. We snacked, visited and played in the gym. It sure was nice to reconnect with so many "like" families. I'm looking forward to attending one of the many family camps coming up. It was a great weekend !!!

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