Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trooper !!!!

Oh man....not the start of school any of us expected. I woke to Anthony saying" Mom,Mom I have lots of spots on me!!" I promptly followed him to the washroom to have a look. Well he sure did have spots. At first glance they looked like really small chicken pox. Initially I was REALLY hoping that it wasn't the measles. After a less than conclusive conversation with not one but two doctors it was diagnosed as possibly some kind of strange version of the chicken pox. So that meant Anthony was to be in hiding for who knows how long.......

( Loading up on the calamine lotion )

( Boredom is starting to settle in...)

So he played, bathed in baking soda and watched a months worth of T.V. Here we are 4 days late and ALL the spot have just vanished as quickly as they arrived. He never developed a fever, any cold like symptoms, the spots never popped and were barely even itchy!!! Strange I say, just strange

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