Thursday, September 3, 2009

Summer's over

This summer has been full of big mile stones around here. A new level of independence as been reached for Anthony, Ana and especially Keisha. Yesterday was the last public swim at our small outdoor pool. The pool like almost everything else in our little town is just blocks from our home. The " bigs" have mastered going to the pool without " Mom". They walk there & back, pay for themselves, swim independently, and have developed a great sense of unity. There hasn't been even one incident or reason for the lifeguards to call home ( much to Ana's surprise they did have our # thanks to Mom !!)
Liam's growing up so fast, not fast enough if you asked him ! ( He strongly disagrees with the pool having an age limit. ). He's getting better with his bike, we should be taking the training wheels off next spring. Despite the age limit thing he's actually becoming an excellent swimmer. It's hard to believe he's starting school in just 5 days !!
The weather man was actually right. It's dark and rainy....the perfect kind of day to rest so that the cold that's brewing around here goes AWAY !! We will sleep, watch the telly, most likely do some baking/cooking, and finally last but not least I'm going to get going on some really fun projects for my " everything made from my heart Christmas" plan.

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