Monday, March 28, 2011

Our last formal " Spring Break"

Saturday :
   - us girls took in the figure skating competition being held in town
   - the boys played & packed

   - a quiet morning
   - baking ( Blackberry Coconut Bars) for our potluck dinner at church)
   - Anthony left for JCR Spring Break Camp in Comox...for the whole week!!!

    -  We traveled down to Courtenay
    -  after checking in we had a quick visit with Denise & Mike while we had a quick lunch
    -  the girls had their 1st swimming lesson for the week
    -  met up with Aunty Vanessa ( who was visiting from Whitehorse) for Dinner

   - met up with Aunty Vanessa for a photo shoot at the Comox Warf & Public library
   - did some grocery shopping
   - had tea with Nana until it was time for the girls swimming lesson.....Liam decide to give Nana a hand delivery her posters
   - had Whitespot burgers for dinner
   - dropped Keisha off for her first ever sleepover church youth group event.
   - We ( Ana, Liam & I ) went to see " Mars needs Mom's" in 3D.  The LOVED it !

    - was a down day for us all......mostly Liam
    - I enjoyed some time to read.....
    - we picked up a super excited/tired Keisha

    - We went to Naniamo...
    - finished off our gift cards from " The Aunties" for Sears
    - grabbed a little lunch at Tim Horton's
    - had a quick visit to Costco & Save on Foods
    - back in time for swimming
    - dinner in our room

    - a quiet morning
    - met up with Lisa & Mia at the Comox library
    - after Liam went to Nana's
    - last swim lesson
    - Dinner with Nana & Grandpa Bill

   - packed up & headed home
   - home for lunch
   - a backyard visit/play at the Neilson's
   - dinner & bed
   - a evening walk for Cori & I...which turned into a super long & late visit :)

   - a wonderful sleep in & late breakfast
   - a lovely walk to church
   - my big boy returns super happy & not as tired as expected
   - a late afternoon walk for Lynne & I
   - everyone tucked in & asleep early !

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