Monday, February 21, 2011

Grouchies be Gone !!!

This morning I woke with a horrible case of the " Grouchies".  Being up and down almost all night with Ana & Liam and my brain being in overdrive made it hard to get much sleep.  Sometimes keeping busy helps my brain work through whatever's I baked....and cleaned...... had some positive phone conversations and formulated my thoughts......let's just say I need to re-establish my boundaries with some people close to all I have to do is write them down !

We've all been pretty internal lately.  Ana's " gremlin's" are started to finally mellow out a bit.  Liam has now moved into learning at home also.  He slept in until almost 10am and Ana was watching " Percy Jackson & the Olympians" (we're currently reading the book). Which left the perfect opportunity for a long un-interupted shower ( a little self care to balance things out).


This week is a busy one....lots of gathering and food sharing.  Tomorrow is " Thinking Day" for the guiding/scout organization.  The girl both will be attending, performing & needing to bring food to the potluck that follows.  On Friday both girls have sleepovers with brownies/guides & need to bring more sharing food.  Anthony will be away this weekend at a Junior Rangers retreat...thankfully everything is provided !  On Saturday we will be joining our new Church community for a potluck & an evening workshop on Emergency Planning.

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