Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Easy Peasy Meatballs

I'm very fortunate to have children who aren't really fussy.  For the most part their pretty good at giving most things a try.  Liam has had a difficult couple of weeks.  His colon is being difficult again, he hasn't been sleeping well which in turn has add to his teariness, lack of appetite & just plain bad mood !  In an effort to improve his situation I decided to make a dinner that was all about what " Liam LIKES".  Which = Pasta.  He requested tomatoes sauce & meatballs.  Since I only had frozen meat I decided to pull out an oldy but a goody from Nana.

All you need is some raw dinner sausages( honey garlic in this case), an onion, a can of crushed tomatoes, seasoning & wholewheat pasta.  I cut the sausages into about 1 inch pieces and give them a quick fry, add diced onions and continue cooking until onions are tender.  Add tomatoes & seasoning and allow to simmer for around a 30mins. or so.  In the summer I'll add all kinds of seasonal veggies.

Despite trying my best......all the pics are blurry !!  He LOVES this meal so much that he polished off another large bowl full this morning for breakfast !!!

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