Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sea Soil

Yesterday turned out to be the perfect day for......hauling loads of the loveliest sea soil around.  I decided to sweet talk my Dad ( aka Papa) into being my driver.  I have a love/hate relationship with his utility trailer !  He lovingly agreed and off we went.  We're lucky to be only a short distance from the best sea soil place around.  For the locals that are willing to make the drive it's a great bargin. $40 buck a yard.  If I was to purchase this same amount bagged from the garden store it would have been more like $ 100.

It's crazy how delighted I am about this beautiful pile of dirt !  I was so delight with life that we did a second run for my pal Cori.  We're both dream of our gardens and all the glorious food we're going to grow!

Thanks again Dad !!!

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