Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Ana's Champagne Birthday Dinner

 This year Ana decided to keep it small.  She invited our Sister missionaries & the Terry's to join us for birthday dinner & cake.  I whipped up her requested dinner....Meatloaf with BBQ sauce, smashed red skinned potatoes, broccoli, pickles & sliced cucumber to be served on Great Grandma Margret's china.  Ana & I have come to understand the hard way that she doesn't deal with the unknown well and that the anticipation anxiety just isn't worth it.  She is comforted by being involved & in knowing all the details.  This year she took it upon herself to search out some new gluten/dairy/soy/nut free carrot cake recipes that looked interesting.  We ended up going with the one she found in " the Cooking Light Gluten Free cookbook" that Aunty Cheryl & Uncle Josh had gifted us this past Christmas. We made just a couple of tweeks to the original recipe because we didn't have gluten free pudding mix.  It turned out great !

It seems crazy to me that she's already 10.  I can still so vividly recall bring her home from the hospital.  Happy Birthday my crazy girl.  I Love You very much !!

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