Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Keisha gets her wheels.....

Several weeks ago I was chatting with our learning consultant Wendy.  We got talking about some of my ideas/plans for the kids.  One had been trying to figure out a safe supportive way for Keisha to ride a bike on her own.  All the low cost options were looking like they wouldn't work for us and I was doing a little thinking out loud about how I would possible pay for one of the more expensive options.  A short while I received an email saying for me to go order that bike.....that the funds had been approved from her " Special Ed" funding through homeschool !!!   So I did !!!  It took a couple of weeks to come in, then a couple of more weeks to put it together and make arrangements to get it home.  This past Friday I put out an invitation for our local friends to stop by the elementary school parking lot to share in a special event......my big girl got to try out her new set of wheels...:)  I'm so thankful for this gift and she's so thrilled to be able to ride with the others !!!

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