Monday, October 14, 2013


"......a consciousness of benefits received, expressions of gratitude, the act of giving thanks......"

I am thankful for this ongoing project we call a's warm, dry and all ours !!

I am thankful for full pantries & freezers :)))

I am thankful to have mastered the art of the "fire" more mornings like these.

I am thankful for the option and the ability to grow so many beautiful veggies to nourish our bodies.

 I am thankful for a good stock pile of dry wood going into the season and a couple of options for more if needed :)

I am thankful for the skills to preserve our own food......pickles, jams, salsa, jellies, & sauces.....

I am thankful my children are thankful.........
  ( Ana)

 ( Anthony)

 ( Keisha)

( Liam )

I am thankful for the peace of knowing my little boy will flip his letters back & worth until he's mastered them.......just like his new found ability to will come in time :))

I am most thankful for the people I have the great fortune to share my life with.  My beautiful complicated children who challenge, teach and warm my heart every day !  My wonderful diverse friends & family.....loved ones who aren't afraid to be real with me.....ones who will instruct me to knock it off & just go to the friggin doctor already......who know me well enough to tell me to stop ignoring what's not working and quite the job. Who laugh with me, listen to my sometimes cronic " thinking out loud".....who indulge my need to let loose & dance, dance, dance....who give me permission to cry or to be be real myself.......each and everyone a special gift !!!

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