Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things are.....

 .....improving day by day...met with our new ped. psychiatrist yesterday.  Prior to meeting her I had only received glowing recommendations....which I can now see why.  At the end of our 2 hours session, she informed me that she feels that I have a very impressive handle on all the ins & out of whats going on with my kids and that she feels no need to make any big recommendation with the exception of a small med tweeking for Ana.  She went on to applaud my plans to transition into our being a home school family. ( Which means that the kids entire medical team is backing my decision)  It's always nice to receive positive feedback from people in the know !!!

The cold that has been making it's way through the house seem to be finishing up.
I've am happy to report that the fire & I are now on friendly terms.....a huge improvement from last Fall !

I'm back in my school kitchen with all the kids at Cheslakeese.  The Kindie and I made applesauce yesterday.  Their so sweet and eager.  I just love it !

My Ana & I had a peaceful non-confrontational 40 minutes this morning making double chocolate chip cookies...actually our whole day was really peaceful !

So it appears that things are on an upswing finally...well until next week when Ana has her dental's hoping everything goes smoothly and she's not to traumatized ....

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