Tuesday, August 2, 2011


....a warm, dare I say HOT day here in wee sweet wet Pt. McNeill !  The weather channel said sunny/rainy/cloudy/clear...the typical forecast for here.  Monday was a total surprise....one we weren't going to miss a single drop of.  We started our morning with getting dressed in " summer clothes", then it was a quick breakfast & out we went...bike riding, hanging the clothes out on the rack, gardening....a really enjoyable goodbye lunch with our dear sister missionaries....they're on their way home !  We had bbq...burger's.  Since the weather was holding we decided to head to beach....Stories Beach to be exact.....

 ( Seaweed for my garden....)

Then we made a quick stop at the store and head home.  Dinner was leftovers.  It was still nice so we met up with Ms. Janel & family for a visit/play at the park.  What a great day !  Today, it's grey and spitting....yesterday was such a pleasant blessing...Oh so thankful !!

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