Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Summer Road Trip - Chilliwack

This year I planned our trip for later in the season.  I wanted to spend more time in my garden, the kids wanted to take swimming lessons at our outdoor pool and we wanted to go to the P.N.E .which is held the last two weeks of August.  We decided to stay at the same campground we stayed at last year, in fact we had the exact same site.  The weather was brilliant 24 to 30 degrees the whole time and better yet with the exception of a couple wasp there were no bugs !!!!

 ( we have a new tent......)

( This was our first time hauling the bikes the 3 out of 4 are riding.  Keisha's thinking that maybe she may want to try and give it another go, so maybe next year we may all be on two wheels.)

All in all we away for 23 days, 20 of them in Chilliwack.  We spent a great portion of that hanging with family.  A good 12 hours or more at the public library, several different trips to the lake & waterparks/pools, endless hour of playing, picked and jammed 7 icecream buckets worth of blackberries...1 lg sack of crabapples and 3 lbs of elderberries, saw 2 movies ( Cars 2 & the newest Transformers), visited some farms, toured about and did LOTS of reading and hanging low !!!

 ( Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve)

 ( Harvesting Elderberries...a first for us)

The ideas are already flowing for next year like kids and their birthdays....barely finish one and their already planning the next.....:))

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