Sunday, September 18, 2011

Why do you travel like you do?

I always find it interesting how often I'm asked this question..... Well because all the people that are important to us don't live on the North Island !  It's not like we're jumping on a plane every other week...we wouldn't even if we could.  Road tripping is our mode of choice.

This years " Summer" road trip was to the mainland.  First on the agenda was the P.N.E !!!  The kids have been once before ...6 years ago. After much organizing, information gathering, height measuring and color of shirt choosing the day finally arrived.  We were joined by Aunty Marina & cousin Connor & his buddy Cameron, Aunty Joy, Uncle Jim & cousins Hailey & James and our friend Cory & his son Quinn.

We arrived at 11am ( when the gates opened) and I had to drag them to the van ( with HUGE smiles on their faces) well after 10pm.  I'm glad we went and happy it's off the " To do list" for the next few years.  We're hoping to have everything in place for a trek to the USA next summer.......

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