Friday, November 16, 2012

Chosen Family

We are beyond blessed with an amazingly large diverse group of friends.  Our emotional relationships are strong, honest and real and such we call them family.  Aunties, Uncles, Nana's, Papa's & cousins all family by choice not blood. 

This summer we had the privilege to spend almost 6 weeks with my Cheryl and her family.  Technically we are family through marriage. My fathers and her mother were married over 10 years ago.  She and I have never lived together until this visit.  When our parents first got together she was just approaching her 20's......I had been out running my own life forever at that point.  We got on, but didn't have too much in common.  She was young and dating, living the life of the average 20 something.  I was running a house hold and several side businesses.  I almost always had one or more little people in tow and was fully immersed in being an " adult".  As the years passed we enjoyed spending time and working out " how our being sisters" was going to look.  I'm delighted to say that over the last few years we have grown into best friends !  The gap in our everyday lives is not so obvious.  We're both Momma's........ a great bonding element !!  She's funny and girlie and intelligent and strong and caring and passionate and thoughtful and dedicated ....she's just stunning inside & out.  AMAZING in fact !!!

Cheryl along with her wonderfully charming hubby Josh have created a beautiful family and inspire me daily with their love and dedication for each other and their shared dreams/goals.

The 6 weeks just flew by........we went on a few adventures........

we went to zoo a couple of times.......

we celebrated Canada Day !!!

we went on a day trip into Drumheller......

we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Stampede !!!!!

In between going on adventures we just hung out.  While Cheryl & Josh were at work the kids and I kept busy playing, shopping, cooking, playing, reading, napping, laughing, did I mention playing, snuggling, getting mucky, creating what I hope will life long memories and bonds !!!

You never quite know " How things will go " when you put a large group under one roof.  Especially when you throw in some " Special needs/quirks".   It went perfectly !!!!  We were all dreading it ending.  So we decided to make sure that our two families will have these wonderful concentrated visits frequently.  Our next one is coming up soon........We'll be having a white Christmas for sure this year :)


  1. Lovely to see you all having such a great time together. Such lovely families. Love to you all. I hope to see you sometime next year! Love Phillppa xx