Friday, May 24, 2013

Did you know I'm half Aussie ?

  Being the only part of my father's family living outside of Australia growing up was a bit odd.  We had all these Aunties, Uncles, Cousins ( 28 the last time Dad & I counted) and a another set of Grandparents but only knew them through our Dad's stories initially and then a couple of rare short visits. I only have a faint memory of my Grandma's visit....never met my Grand Dad.....This of course was all before we had such easy access to the internet and facebook.  Phoning home was crazy expensive....and writing seemed to be much the both were very rare occurrences. My Aunty Pip is my Dad's youngest sister.  She's a traveler.....a bit of a gypsie herself.  However, the last time she was in our part of Canada was 18yrs ago.  I was renting a room off of my Dad and was still nanning.  Lots has gone on in those 18 years. Her kids are all grown and she's a Grandma and I've moved a dozen time, loved on several dozen little ones, developed a whole career and became a Momma myself :)

( Keisha, Aunty, Liam, Anthony, Mom & Ana at Cluxewe )

I was so worried that we were just going to have the ugliest weather during their short visit.  Started praying and hoping and wallah !!!  It was gorgeous :)  We visited and had dinner the first evening.  It was so nice to hear her voice.  The kids LOVE that she sound like a real Aussie....."cause Papa just sounds like Papa" !!  I love that she's exactly like I remembered :)

Then it was a full day of fishing, visiting and soaking up the sun at Cluxewe and on our deck.  We sure did feast on fish that night !

( Beach combing at the marina in town early in the morning before the marine cloud had fully lifted)

 ( Liam checking out the first round's catch )

 ( she's so pretty )

 ( the second round setting out.....those brave " Tom's" )

 ( They caught fish, checked the crab traps, managed to all return dry & in one piece....they had a great time !!!)

 (Ana )

( Liam)

We ended their visit with doing some crabbing......good thing Aunty's a morning person :)  Boy they were successful !!!!

( 6:40am returning from crabbing )

It was a such an excellent visit....if only it could have been for longer !  Aunty Pip I sure do feel special :)) The fact that you felt so compelled to come all this way to visit me, my kidlets and our little out of the way town means so have no idea !  Thanks Mom & Dad for being up to the world wind trip and to you President Terry for once again being the perfect fishing guide/partner for my Dad & big boy !!!

We miss you already Aunty Pip :))

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