Friday, May 10, 2013

San Jo Bay

This past weekend my wonderful friend Kevin suggested we head out to San Jo Bay.  A destination up here on the north end of the island that was at the top of my " places to visit" list.  The locals all talk about it and regularly inquire if we've been there I can say "yes, we have " !  The weather has been amazing this May. A total gift from the Greek god Zeus according to Ana :)

We ( meaning Me, Keisha, Anthony, Ana, Liam, Kevin, Greg, Kayden, Piper & Jackson) enjoyed most of the 2.5 hours trek there each way.......there was quite a bit of bemoaning from my youngest two about the half hour walk in.  I think it had more to do with the " unknown" then any one of their actual complaint items :)  I was a bit concerned that it might have been a bit much for Keisha but she did fine.  The trail has been cleared nicely, fairly level and is well maintained.

 On the way out in route to Holberg, not far from the highway.....on the right you'll come across this wonderful treasure......The Shoe Tree !!  The kids loved examining all the different shoes and reading messages of love and remembrance.

Kevin had timed our arrival perfectly....we had hours to enjoy the glorious beaches....spending most of our time over on 2nd beach past the caves.  We found a perfect spot to lay out the blankets, drop our gear and set to work.....sand castles to be built......flocks of birds to be played to be climbed.......caves to be explored......sea life to examined........


It was just the best day outing I've had in a good long while.....a brilliant way to start off the out and about season !!!!

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