Friday, December 17, 2010

We had so much fun......

in my school kitchen over the last couple of weeks !  We decided that this years family night at the school would be a great place to show case the kids baking.  So we formulated our plan and decided that we were going to try and keep our projects a surprise !

Over 4 days we made:

3 Lemon loaves
2 Pumpkin loaves
Cranberry Jumbles
Ting a lings
Glazed Ginger bread cookies
Lemon Coconut Mini Cupcakes
Chocolate chip squares
S'mor Lollypops
Yum Yum Balls
Cranberry Shortbread

 ( Keisha working at Mrs. Wadhaum's Card station)

 ( Liam signing his own name to his raffle tickets)

( the 4/5/6's playing their recorders)

This years family night was a craft/sing song/raffles & refreshments evening.  Each teacher hosted a specific craft in their classroom.  Families had the opportunity to move from class to class with their children making some beautiful treasures for the holidays.  My four enjoyed themselves greatly !  The refreshments were well received by the parents.  The kids where pretty impressed with themselves when they saw all there hard work displayed.  Over all it was a lovely evening !!

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