Monday, December 27, 2010

We went skating today........

and guess who put skates on too?  That's right this crazy momma.  My one & only goal was not to brake anything.  Which I'm happy to share I was successful at.  I was actually able to go around several times with letting go of the boards. Yahooh !!

We had great fun.  It was great getting to catch up with friends.  Liam was the first & last on & off the ice this time.  He did really well with managing the cold.  Ana is a self taught ice princess.  She's getting pretty good at spinning and is working on skating backwards.  Keish & Anthony give it their best....let's just say it's not their sport !  I took advantage of having Grandma's camera again and caught some of the action....hope you enjoy !

In this one my sweet boy is giving me a little advice to get me started......

It was a good way to spend a afternoon !!

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