Thursday, October 6, 2011

Funtastic Gymnastic's

( The older kids warming up before their session.......the weather was perfect for a jog to the beach and back !)

( Liam was so excited to work with Ms. Heidi again and to get to use the rings !!)

Yesterday we started our first session of gymnastics for the " school" year.  This go a round we are making the 30 minute trek into stories beach to Funtastic Gymnastics with several of the other homelearning families from Pt. McNeill.  The kids were so excited and had a blast !  We have split the kids in two groups ( 3 to 7yrs olds & 8 to 15yrs olds).  I am the only Momma with kids in both groups.  We are all so pleased that Heidi was willing to make a daytime slot for us.  Who knew OT could be some much fun !  

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