Friday, October 14, 2011

How are things going having them all home fulltime?

Is now the question I am asked most...which is usually follow by various versions of  " I couldn't never do it...."  I find it interesting to listen to the kids explain what it is that they do all day.  When they went to "public school" they had many totally "politically correct" answers to this question.  These were all very standardized...pretty much what any child would say when asked.  It took a lot of trust for them to open up and actually share what school was truly like !

Our days/weeks are spent learning to enjoy learning again.......

For Creativity/Artistic/Therapy/Passion

 ( I am Thankful posters....)

 ( playing dress-up and games of imagination with friends)


 ( we LOVE visiting libraries...)

Writing/Technology/Relationship Development

 ( writing letters & emails )

Mathematics/ Live Skills

 ( the kitchen is the greatest classroom....)

 ( money math is so much better when using " real" moola)

 ( playing board games create endless learning/skill building opportunities)

( reading labels - choosing the safest/healthiest/budget friendly option)

Are just a few examples.......we also add in Ranger's, Pathfinder's, Guides, swimming lesson's, play dates, gymnastics, field trips, book work for some, Homelearner's group, audio books, church activities, travel, therapy, gardening and tonnes of socializing just to name a few......

Don't get me wrong it's not all sunshine & rainbows......we still have "gremlins", FASD, Attachment disorders/trauma,  ADHD and 3 out of 5 of us still are and will always be considered " highly sensitive".....what as most definently improved is our ability to manage the effect of all of these "labels".

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