Saturday, February 23, 2013

Filling my bucket.......

Have you heard of the term of " bucket filling" ?  The basic idea is that we all have a bucket that needs to be filled to keep ourselves balanced and in a good emotional place.  Mainly it's thought that we need others to do the " filling".  I do agree with this principle for the most part ......but.....I also believe that good self care is also a huge part of emotional balance.  This of course is a very personal topic.  What's filling for one is not always for another !  For example -  Spending hours in the pouring rain wacking bush and clearing out new garden beds is so meditative to me......but most onlookers think I'm absolutely CRAZY :)

One of the biggest bucket fillers I have is GARDENING.  I've always enjoyed getting my hands dirty.  Food just taste so much better when you've harvested it yourself :)  Since moving to Mc.Neill I've had the opportunity to totally indulge this fondness.  Our yards not that big....but big enough to have 7 good sized raised beds and lots of room for planters.  Last summer was pretty much a right off for gardening though.....between building the retaining wall , spending 6 weeks away and a pretty weird weather kind of summer......things just didn't grow !  This years going to be different.......The last bit of the retaining wall project should be wrapped up be June ( I hope ), we're not planning to be away for any long stretches and if the weathers all crazy again.....I'll be here to support all my we little seedlings through it :)  My Kelly has so wonderfully offered his unused beds up for this years potato crop......he sure knows how to make me happy.......give me some dirt and lets me get to it !!! seeds are being purchased, catalogs are slowly arriving, soil is being amended and crop layouts are being finalized in preparation for what I hope to be a very prolific growing season.  What fills your bucket ?

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