Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday snippets......

Well today is the first Sunday we had completely at home in a while.  Actually, we've been home all weekend with a sickness of some sort :((  I'm on day three of just not feeling well.  I have moments when I think maybe it's past then another wave hits.  I've decided however that 3 days is all this " bug" is going to get !  I've got things I want to do, milestones to work on and people I want to spend time with that don't reside in this home of ours.......

We've been making our way through one of my ex-large pots of chicken vegetable soup over the last couple of days and were in for something a bit more filling this morning.  I woke craving cinnamon !  So Ana & I decided to whip up some of these.....

( Gluten Free cinnamon Waffles with homemade apple sauce and pure maple syrup )

(Ana's become quite confident in the kitchen :)

Over the past couple of weeks Ana, Liam and Keish have gotten back into writing more letters.....there's something so enjoyable about receiving real mail from someone close !

( Liam's reread his letter from Seth several times now......he's working on his reply as I type )

Since our tummies seem to have settle....we're spicing things up a bit for dinner and having pasta with spicy sausage and peppers :)

Despite my restlessness these quiet low key home days are good for us......lots of movie watching, book reading, ipad playing, blog reading & blog post writing.  It's been an unplanned sensory holiday of sorts........tomorrow it's back to seminary and the gym and swim lessons and so on........:))

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