Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Exciting News !!!

I got a new job !!!!!

I've been mulling around the question : What's next ? " for some time now.  Just after Christmas I received a voice mail from a friend mentioning that there was a part time position with the AFABC ( Adoptive Families Association of B.C.)  posted.  It caused me to pause...seriously pause and think......the more I thought on it.....the more it seemed like the perfect fit.  So I asked some questions and sent out an email inquiring if the posting had been filled.  It hadn't !!  All I needed to apply was a current resume.....eeekkkk !!  I didn't have a resume.....really thick portfolio Yes !....resume No !  With some help from my Vanessa and a couple other experience friends we condensed 21 years of work experience and training into one page and I sent it off and waited........then was offered the opportunity to interview........then more waiting...........then the call came.......Would I like to work for the AFABC ?  If so, Was I up to starting immediately ?   ABSOLUTELY !!!!!!

So with delight I'm happy to announce that I'm am the new Adoption Support Coordinator for the North Island (Pt. Hardy to south of Campbell River....the boundaries are still being worked out ).  Excited doesn't quite expressed how I feel.  I just knew 2013 was going to be a super positive year.  I didn't know the how's & why's.....I just knew :)  I'm so full of ideas & plans........

The kids are super excited....I'm sure they'll be moments of "transition"......there always are !  Nothing we can't role with and grow stronger from :)  My new position will provide me the great privilege of providing frontline support to families all along they're journey into and through adoption. Some of the many other highlights of my new job is being a contributor to another blog - Vancouver Island Adoption . We, Cathy & I will continue to work closely with the adoption community right here on the Island to provide LOTS of opportunities for families to connect through Support Group Evenings, Family events and Camps.  There's lots more to the position that I'll share along the way, if I can, and as I learn all the ins and outs.  I'm super excited to be in the position to connect with fellow adoptive families way up here on the North North end of the island through gatherings and workshops.  But most of all.......I'm so thrilled to be able to meet so many more families " Like" mine.  Despite all the different configurations of adoptive families we all have that one unique thing in common :))))

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