Monday, November 18, 2013

Kimberley Kufaas Photography

It's no secret how much I personally love documented my family through photography.  For sometime now I've been following Kimberley.  I was first introduced to her when viewing the beautiful photos she had taken for a friends wedding.  Then slowly but surely her work started popping up all over the place :)  I love the energy in her photos !  A few weeks ago Kimberley & I started chatting about a shoot that would encompass my family and Jim & Joy's separately and together.  The goal wasn't so much about our kids this time around....more about the shots that Joy & I felt that were missing for our own personal little families.  Shots that included us for one and then some to help document our relationship with each other :) 

" Twenty-five years of friendship and I believe this is the only "would love to blow it up real big & display it " photo that exist of my Jim & I.  I LOVE everything about it !!!! "

Kimberley thank you so much....each and every one of these shots captures " us " and are perfect ! weird faces and all :)

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