Thursday, April 8, 2010

I did it !!!

I was given a really large display board in the school hallway about two months ago. For some reason it's taken me all this time to figure out some kind of plan for it. I was feeling quite daunted by it for some crazy reason !! It's not like I was going to be graded or fired or anything if it turned out ugly.

After formulating some what of a plan & giving myself a deadline I was left trying to figure out how I was going to pull it together. I started by printed off some of the MANY photo's I've taken of the kids during our lesson's. That was the easy part. As I was contimplating how I was going to title/label things...I remembered my good old friend...." The Cricut" !! This lovely machine cuts out almost anything your little heart desires out of paper.

So I spent a morning cutting out letters, forming words & hoping it all was going to work visually. I then spent the afternoon putting it together. The first bit was spent laying things out on the floor in front of my board. Our wonderful secretary Mary printed off the banner title for me and then I started stapling......

Everyone was so great ! The kids & staff kept passing by with words of encouragement. All my anxiety was just so silly. Well...I'm considering it a work in progress. I'm now wishing I had used a different color for the background and think it's looking a little flat at this point. I'm thinking of involving some of the kids in an art project to give it a little more flare or POP ! Any ideas?

After all that stalling I'm glad that my board is coming together and that my school kids smile each time they pass it !!